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We have two types of members in our krewe, Dames & Dudes. Dames bead, Dudes are our amazing support, safety, and so much more!

If you're interested in joining either rank, get in touch!

So You wanna be a dame?

Time Committment

Our corsets and accessories take approximatley 200-300 hours to create. That's 2-3 hours per night from June-January. Each Dame is responsible for hand beading (with needle and thread) her own corset, head piece, bustle belt, and patch.

Financial Committment

Our dues are approximatley $400 plus all your beading supplies and costume materials. Your first year you'll also purchase a corset and bloomers from our specific vendors. We also tip our photographer, bus driver, pedi cab driver and band.

Parade Committment

After all the time you've spent on your creation, we want to see it! We parade in 4 parades and our Dame Fine Second Line. We ask that you at least commit to two parades in addition to our Second Line.

Still want to join?

Please fill out this google form to the best of your ability and we'll contact you with more information. Please know, we are limited to the number of Dames we can add each year.



Our Dudes are an integral part of our parading experience. What started as husbands and boyfriends of Dames, our Dudes have expanded to an amazing group of people who help us in every possible way on parade day and throughout the year. Interested in joining? Send us an email: 

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